Charity Distribution – Bukit Merah 13/5/2014

While most of us are enjoying our Vesak Day public holiday on Tuesday, PJSB together with their volunteers and staffs spent their morning distributing fidyah provisions to the needy and under privileged residents at Bukit Merah (near ABC market). Alhamdulilah, our effort was made easy through the help of Ms Grace who is the manager of Thong Kheng senior activity centre based at Bukit Merah. Through their database, needy and senior Muslim residents were identified and our job just made easy by attending to the unit numbers provided by Ms Grace.

Once breakfast were done, our Donations Drive Manager(volunteer), bro Jenan and Haji Roslan distributed the unit numbers and provisions to the staffs and volunteers to start the Charity distribution event.

By lunch, the distribution event also come to an end and all of us had enjoyed this meaningful get together event. May Allah continued to shower His blessings, protection and guidance upon the needy and under privileged Muslim families… And May Allah accept the effort put in by PJSB and their volunteers and make us constantly remember Allah blessings