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Pengurusan Jenazah Sinaran Baharu (PJSB) was formed by our founder Haji Roslan in 1997. PJSB has been providing sincere, trustworthy and professional Muslim funeral services since then. We received positive feedbacks & compliments from our customer & members of the public for our excellent services rendered in dealing with local & overseas assignments.

Before | During | After

We are all the time


PJSB Founder



PJSB believes in the importance of ‘Before, During, After’ departure of a Muslim, and for that, we have made it our theme.

We have recently collaborated with a health care provider and now also provide non-emergency ambulance services. This collaboration functions as a separate entity known as ‘Peacehealth Ambulance’.


Apart from above mentioned, we also strive to do and continuously try to relay the Prophets messages to the ummah by incorporating hadiths & sunnahs into our daily lives & jenazah services. We also provide Tahlil, Jenazah Management Courses, Quran recitation courses, Fidyah Collection & Distribution, Badal Hajj, Qurban & Aqiqah services. These are in-line with the “After” departure aspect of our theme.

Our Aims

PJSB aims to attract the Muslim community to be aware of and to understand the importance and responsibilities that befalls each of us in preparation of Jenazah Management and to gain the knowledge of “Fardu Kifayah’.


We also actively interact with the aging Muslim population in old folks’ homes, senior citizen centres by RCs and carry out home visits.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to guide the aging population in acts of more Ibadah (Worshiping acts) and offering of counselling.

Looks Forward

PJSB looks forward to serving the ummah and giving sincere & trustworthy services to the public. We strive to be amongst the best Rasullullah’s (S.A.W) followers for the sake Allah SWT.

Our Vision

To be the leading professional facilitator; To continuously enhance society’s life in every way we can, especially to prepare someone for his final journey out of life

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of our society. To continuously enhance society’s life in every way we can, especially to prepare someone for his final journey out of life To lead positive social change To eliminate myths, re-establish facts and continuously reminding. To deliver value To one and all, through information, opportunity and services.


We from Pengurusan Jenazah Sinaran Baharu (PJSB)
pledge ourselves to unite and commit ourselves to provide Sincere, Trustworthy Services

to one and all to the best of our pieces of knowledge, abilities and experiences, in all that we do for the Ummah,

to strive to be amongst the best of Rasullullah’s (s.a.w) in the cause of Allah.


As for PJSB... Syukran, Jazak Allah Khaiir Kathiiran Jazillan. You open up a whole new world for me. I learn allot hope to journey on further with YOU PJSB. Only Allah SWT can repay all the good deeds you did.

Highly satisfied with the funeral service rendered from before and after the burial. Service officers were very professional and accommodating. Alhamdulillah. Thank you to Ustaz Roslan and everyone involved. Thank you Sofian and Kak Intan who liased with me personally.