PJSB provides a one-stop Muslim jenazah services, catering to all groups within the Muslim community in Singapore. We hold in high regard the responsibility entrusted to us, in handling of the jenazah on behalf of the Waris. Any feedback to help us improve on our services will be greatly appreciated.


PJSB pledges our professionalism and commitment in carrying out all the duties entrusted in the jenazah services

Our Basic Jenazah Services Package comprising of:

  • Equipments, accessories, necessities (except water) and qualified personnel to carry out the showering of deceased
  • Imam to lead in the funeral prayers, talqin, and provide advisory role for funeral rites
  • Carpet grass, name plaque and temporary tombstone
  • Burial permits and paperwork
  • Mineral water
  • Tahlil Service with 10 Kitab Yassin
  • Funeral Handbook (Adab-adab dan Doa)
  • PJSB Umbrella (souvenir)
  • Khatam Al Quran (30 Juz) for the deceased 


Standard Packages Price List
Updated as on December 2019


Basic Package

  • Please Refer Above Table

Extra Care Package

  • Burn, decomposed, mutilated, HIV, SARS, etc...

Toddler/Children Package

  • 2 - 10 Years Old

Infant / Still Birth Package

  • 7 Months to 1 Year

Contact us for more information and further discussion. We remain at your service.

Others Services

  • Doctor 
  • Bus 
  • Foetus & Body Parts 
  • Bring back deceased from hospital 
  • Min. 50 packets of food (price upon advise)
  • Hari Raya (Syawal/Haji) – Additional 
  • Badal Haji 
  • Badal Haji & Umrah 
  • Tombstone 
  • Import & Export services 
  • Pricelist, however may differ from published rates as and when special and/or additional arrangement is requested and/or required, deemed fit by PJSB.
  • Prices are reviewed and published quarterly, however they are subjected to changes due to unexpected circumstances and/or calamities deemed fit by PJSB.

Special Note:
PJSB does not provide flowers of any kind and/or purposes.